Add to your existing service offering, with our Broadband Push-to-Talk solution.

What is Broadband Push-to-Talk?

Broadband Push-to-Talk (BBPTT) is a solution that allows instant and global communication, at the push of a button, on a cellular device (smart phone); effectively turning your cellular device into a two-way radio by using a broadband network.

Why Airsys.Cloud Broadband Push-to-Talk?

With our solution, we can integrate PMR and broadband systems, enabling communications between a two-way radio and cellular device.

With greater functionality and reach, increased productivity and fast and secure communications, our Broadband Push-to-Talk can be the solution where before there was none.


With Airsys.Cloud, we are bringing tomorrow’s technology to today’s market, providing all the benefits of PMR and broadband on one platform.


Airsys.Cloud is hosted on secure, private servers and provides reliable communication with sub-second performance.

With Broadband Push-to-talk, what can Airsys.Cloud give you?

  • Greater service offering
  • Instant communication between two-way radio and cellular devices across different manufacturers
  • Expansion of existing systems providing global reach
  • Your choice of compatible devices and data plans
  • Secure communication
  • Fast call set-up
  • Low set up costs
  • Low maintenance
  • High level of acceptance among users
  • Recurring revenue

When communications are life-critical, Airsys.Cloud is the solution

Worker down: As soon as the cellular device is in a horizontal position for a defined period of time, an automatic highlighted text message, including the location of the cellular device, will be sent to the group.

Emergency call: Pushing the ’emergency call’ button causes an alarm signal to go to everyone on the server. This includes the location of the cellular device, from where the button is pressed. Additionally, a duplex call is initiated and both parties can talk in duplex mode.

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Airsys.Cloud is hosted on secure private servers and provides reliable communication with sub-second performance.

Airsys.Cloud in the Industry


Airsys.Cloud is a professional-grade communications solution, that meets the end-to-end needs of courier businesses.
Logistics can become more effective with Push-to-Talk communications solutions and Enterprise and Management Systems, including Bar- and QR-code scanning functions. Airsys.Cloud can be integrated with the existing delivery networks, allowing fewer devices with more efficient control.

Emergency Services

Airsys.Cloud was designed by PMR professionals. The framework includes all the features and functions: encryption, emergency call, location management, priority call, etc. that are normally used in mission critical networks. Airsys.Cloud supports existing two-way radio networks and extends their coverage and functionality beyond the normal operational range in traditional radio solutions.


Airsys.Cloud can provide any small, medium, or large-scale projects with the necessary communications facilities, for instant voice and data communications, with no coverage limitations or setup issues. Airsys.Cloud can significantly enhance construction services and coordination, whether it is site preparation, equipment installation, utility hook-up coordination or system commissioning and testing.

Event Management

The smooth running of major events, from basic coordination to high-end managements, is underpinned by communications. Without effective communications, an organisation is paralysed.

That is why Airsys.Cloud is a good choice for Event Managers.

Being easy to set-up, effective almost anywhere and allowing a wide choice of devices, communications are no longer limited to proprietary and expensive two-way radio devices. Anyone with a cellular device can be included in the event management process and enjoy instant access to voice and data communications.


Customer service plays an important role in an organisation’s ability to generate income and revenue. With this perspective, customer service should be included as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement. A single positive customer service experience can change the customer’s perception of the organisation for the better. Airsys.Cloud has a key role to play in providing good customer service.


Airsys.Cloud provides instant and reliable communications for the smooth operation of transportation routes and hubs. Voice, data and location capabilities enable integration with existing systems, such as traffic monitoring and control (or airport/seaport management), allowing users to improve delivery of transportation services across the region.